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  • x-xemin3mx-x(10/15/2017 1:23:22 AM)

    Evelyn H was great!!!!!!! she was so cool!

  • Sirivan98(11/07/2017 5:32:16 AM)

    evelyn was freaking awesome she deserves a medal.

  • Natallia(12/21/2017 2:13:08 AM)

    good support and employee thank you for fixing my problem

  • skyles(02/13/2018 4:37:06 AM)

    a very good chat. only toke minutes for anything so iam happy.

  • YT EOC King(03/17/2018 5:16:36 AM)

    Such an awesome girl just like Sunny:3 Fast and responsive! Give her a bonus!! ;)

  • Midnite Sin(03/26/2018 1:18:30 AM)

  • Zrudimental(04/11/2018 11:30:27 AM)

    Was in a chat with Sunny W, She/He was a great help, I got the information I needed!

  • purple Tigr(05/03/2018 10:50:06 PM)

    Great help, will be buying gold in the future thanks to the great support team :)

  • purple Tigr(05/27/2018 12:05:05 PM)

    Sunny W, 5 stars loved sunny w helped tons!

  • Remo(06/13/2018 6:37:20 AM)

    Tyvm ! fast service ! Best site ! 5 stars, bossman of gold, very good

  • Rustynuts#1874(06/15/2018 11:40:52 AM)

    Sunny W is excellent

  • Ratchets(07/01/2018 8:55:10 AM)

    Sunny, Excellent service. Straight to the point.. just how i like it

  • klinkthisbya(07/14/2018 8:33:35 AM)

    Lisa was very kind and understanding of my situation she helped me out a lot

  • Evl Angels(07/19/2018 5:05:31 PM)

    very good customer service, will recommend. =))

  • Vladtepes(07/21/2018 7:41:38 AM)

    epic service like always,excellent 10/10

  • Nephalem#6988(07/27/2018 3:48:27 AM)

    awesome job tnx

  • Philzizar(07/29/2018 2:47:04 AM)

    Honey S was informative i have used service 2 times already plan to continue

  • kjhkjhkjh(08/01/2018 10:22:38 PM)

    she was da bomb diggity!!!! she told me everything i could know i think she could be the owner of your company because she is just very amazing!!! you should give her a promosion right now. Seriously ~she is great~

  • chaosshock(08/14/2018 5:00:16 AM)

    Honey S was great!

  • Kwow1(08/25/2018 8:49:41 AM)

    Kitty C was very informational, good by me

  • Chugs(09/05/2018 9:57:12 AM)

    kitty c is more like hottie c

  • Thubee(09/26/2018 2:42:16 AM)

    Kitty Very nice Support, very kind and helpfull guy. Love to make deals with you! Its a very reliable Shop here :)

  • Dean Leysen(10/07/2018 5:16:08 AM)

    good and quick thanks Kitty c

  • Sick Tanq(10/07/2018 6:26:06 AM)

    very fast and reliable service thank you,qian.

  • Caspá (10/08/2018 5:16:36 AM)

    Great job Qian needs a pay rise!!

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